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Special Grime edition of The COLOSSALCAST

Hilts on the mic.

So this evening I caught up with legendary lyrical miracle South East London Grime MC, Hilts (formerly of The Square), about coming on a special edition of The COLOSSALCAST.
At the moment we’re planning an interview followed by myself on the decks spinning some big 140bpm bangers and Hilts on the mic chatting some massive bars. Can’t wait to get him in the studio after so long. Will let you know when this one is coming.

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Happy February. It’s Monday morning. How rubbish. Don’t worry as Colossalcast Episode 4 is already on the iTunes store waiting to be downloaded. The show consists of many tracks from some truly great Drum & Bass artists.
Check back soon for Episode 5. Get it on iTunes

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The COLOSSALCAST is now on
It is available to stream straight from the website, but it is probably worth setting an account up if you wanted to use this going forward. This would allow you to setup subscriptions and sync between their website and their app. Click here to check it out. 

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Quick bit of news. The COLOSSALCAST is now listed on Blubrry.

From their website you can subscribe on the iTunes store, Android, or even by Email.

Click here to see the listing.

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COLOSSALCAST on iTunes Store

Good news. The COLOSSALCAST is now on the iTunes store.

Previously only available on Mixcloud, The COLOSSALCAST is now available to download to your computer or iDevice. Simply search for it in iTunes or click here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 20.51.47

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Podcasts now live

This is the next step in the evolution of The COLOSSALCAST. Previously only available on Mixcloud, the new website now acts as a Podcast server.

If you would like to subscribe, copy and paste the following link into your Podcast software:


On iTunes, you can find this by going to File/Subscribe to Podcast



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New website

Finally after months of putting it off, the new website is in development. New features will be added gradually as they’re ready.

2015 was a busy year. Here’s hoping to 2016 being productive and eventful.

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